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Nplex Is The Fox In The Hen House

Nplex Is The Fox In The Hen house

To understand this information you have to know that there is a terrible meth lab problem in America today all stemming from the flow of dry tablet pseudoephedrine found in many cold medicines. You  have many states who are trying to shutdown meth labs vs. the pseudoephedrine manufacturers.

The pseudo makers profit about billion dollars a year just from the meth cook market alone and they are not willing to give it up without a fight. They are represented by their political lobbying front called  ( CHPA ) Consumer Healthcare Products Association. The goal of CHPA is to keep the pseudoephedrine flowing no matter the cost and with children dying in meth lab explosions the stakes could not be more serious.

Oklahoma and many other states are wanting a prescription requirement for the ( dry tablet ) form of pseudoephedrine because the ( smurfs ) or people who buy the pseudoephedrine for the meth cooks will not go to a doctor to get it. Detailed records a doctor has and the fear of being asked one simple question “why don’t you just take the same thing in a gel cap or liquid ” will stop a smurf in their tracks.  Both liquid and the gel cap pseudoephedrine are pretty much impossible to use in a shake and bake meth lab and would not require a prescription.

CHPA / pseudo makers are not only against a prescription requirement but they are also refusing to make their products safe and unwilling to adapt to the new tamper proof / meth proof technology like ( Tarex ) or ( Nexafed ).

CHPA / pseudo makers are pushing for their own fox in the hen house electronic monitoring system called Nplex which is supposed to stop smurfs from going over their 3 box per month limit and slow down the manufacture of meth.  The truth of what Nplex actually does is much different. The meth cooks just double the amount of smurfs they recruit to get the same amount of pseudoephedrine as before Nplex.  Many of these smurfs are new to the meth world but will go buy pseudo to trade for meth and sometimes money.

On October 3rd 2011 at the Oklahoma Senate Interim Study On Pseudoephedrine and meth, Sheriff Keith Cain from Daviess County Kentucky gave a very pro Nplex speech like the one listed in the link below. He then opened it up for questions which I had only one.

“ Do you receive any compensation from the drug lobby or any pseudoephedrine manufacturer ?

Sheriff Cain got red in the face and answered “ yes he ( was ) a paid spokesperson for the drug lobby.”

Sheriff Cain also forgot to mention that Kentucky had been using the ( Nplex ) since 2008 and their meth labs have more than doubled when the Smurfs figured out that you could beat the system with multiple ID’s.

Kentucky’s Meth Lab count, 2008 ( 428 labs ) 2009 ( 707 labs ) 2010 ( 1049 labs )

Sheriff Cain was not only one caught being paid to speak by the drug lobby. There was a X DEA agent named Robert Bianchi pitching for the Nplex system which also admitted he worked for the drug lobby and failed to disclose that fact to the Senate panel.

Download the Sheriff Cain Speech in PDF

The Kentucky Narcotic Officers Association has a very different opinion than Sheriff Cain and his drug lobby pals. They have a great web site that clears up the drug lobby spin and lays out the facts on how the Nplex system has failed Kentucky since 2008.

Fact and Fiction of Prescription PSE

The point of all of this is to show the drug lobby / CHPA will do anything to keep the profit flowing from the billion dollar a year meth cook market. I am trying to warn other states to always ask your speakers if they receive any compensation from the drug lobby or any pseudoephedrine manufacturer and then base your opinion after that.

If you want more information on CHPA tactics just contact me below !

David Starkey

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