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Father Blames Oklahoma Legislature

Father Blames Oklahoma Legislature And Invites Them To Child’s Funeral

Donald Hogue was a proud father of Ayden Ross Jennings born August 16 2010 and died November 10th 2011 in a Tulsa Meth Lab explosion.
Ayden Ross Jennings

Mr. Hogue, said his little boy was a wonderful child that was always happy. His day was busy playing with his favorite toys and smiling at everyone. At 15 months old Ayden had so much to look forward to in life until a meth labs exploded in Ayden’s home and cut his life short.

Hogue says, I blame the Oklahoma Legislature, pseudoephedrine manufacturers and the Consumer Healthcare Products Associations (CHPA) equally responsible with the meth cook (Jacob Bell). I hold Ayden’s mom responsible for allowing him to be in that type environment. I blame Tulsa DHS for not following up on the three complaints that I personally called in to them about the conditions and welfare of my son while I was living out of state.

Father Fights for New Meth Laws

Father of baby killed in meth fire speaks out

I applaud the Oklahoma Legislators that support the dry tablet prescription measure and are fighting to stop this from happening to another child and family. To all of you that are standing up against the billion dollar drug lobby and meth cook market, I will give you 100 % of my support.

If prescription pseudoephedrine (OK HB 1235) would have passed last year it would have gone into affect on November 1, 2011 preventing my son’s death 9 days later. This would have meant that Jacob Bell ( the meth cook ) could not have got his pseudoephedrine he used in his meth lab without a prescription which no meth cook or smurf would ever do. I would be flying home to hold and play with my son instead of flying home to attend his funeral.

I hold every Oklahoma Legislator accountable that came out against OK HB 1235 and the ones who accepted the blood money from the drug lobby. This includes former Representative Dan Sullivan who has now admitted that he is the one that refused to take it to the house floor but he is not alone.

What I want to know just how much money was my child’s life worth? How much was given to the legislature by The Consumer Health Care Products Association, Pfizer or any of the other pseudoephedrine manufacturer? I promise to find out how much blood money was accepted by legislators and make it very public.

I do not want Ayden’s death to be for nothing and I am going to do all in my power to see that a prescription law is passed in Oklahoma and in the rest of the county. This is the only way to stop these children from burning to death in these meth lab explosions.

Ayden’s funeral is Monday 21st of November at Floral Haven Funeral Home at 10:00 am and I invite all of the Oklahoma Legislature to attend. I want them to come and see with their own eyes what happened by not passing OK HB 1235 and more deaths will follow.

Reported by David Starkey

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