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Stop Meth Labs

Why I Got Involved

I have been asked several times why I became involved in shutting down meth labs in Oklahoma. It seemed that every other night there was a new meth fire or explosion from people mixing pseudoephedrine to make their dope.

Things changed for me when I watched this video below about a little baby that got so burnt up from the parents meth lab explosion. When I saw the play pin had melted on top of this baby, that did it for me. I could no longer stand by while innocent children continued to die from these meth fires when it is 100 % preventable. Meth Proof Pseudoephedrine is now on the market and I want all pseudoephedrine makers to put this meth block in every product on the market.

Burning mobile home with meth labchildren killed in meth firebaby crib burned in meth fire Baby burnt by meth fireAyden Ross JenningsAyden Ross Jennings casket - died in meth fire


StopMethLabs Owner David Starkey Receives Oklahoma “Champion Of Fate Award”


Champion_of_Awards_ConferenceChampion of Awards ConferenceChampion_of_Awards_4

The Change Your Fate organization uses professional athletes to spread the word to help stop all forms of drug abuse.

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2nd Meth Proof Pseudoephedrine Receives Patent

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Meth Proof Pseudoephedrine Is Here

Zephrex-D Meth-Proof pseudoephedrine nasal decongestantClick to read the full storyThis new meth proof pseudoephedrine is going to be the biggest things to stop the meth lab problem we have here in Oklahoma. I know there will be new city ordinances and a push for a state law very soon. This is very bad news for meth cooks and I love it!

Fox 23 Meth Proof Pseudoephedrine Interview

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Update Oct. 8 2014 – The Young Man Who Started This Meth Fire Below Has Died 2 Years Later From Injecting Meth.

Meth Fire 20 Feet From My Home

The odds of a meth fire happening 20 feet from me of all people was a real
shock when I looked out mid December and saw this.

I live in a very quiet mobile home park with mostly retirees except for my neighbor’s son, who was home alone cooking dope and burned his trailer down.

This was early morning and I was asleep, but I have a 5 year old son and
I feel very lucky because the results could have been much worse.

We all think these meth fires happen to other people, but if it can happen next
to me, it can happen anywhere. I am not sure how many people will have to burn to death before we pass a prescription law – at least for the dry tabs.

Meth fire explosion in mobile home bathroommeth fire living area

meth fire melted mobile home doormeth fire trash outside mobile home

New measure to crack down on meth draws criticism

A new meth lab bill is just one step away from the governor’s desk. It would require pharmacies to electronically track the sales of products that contain pseudoephedrine.

Some member of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and critics of the bill say the state has already been doing that for years. “We have a great tracking system and still nothing is working, this will make things worse than they are right now,” said David Starkey.

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ABC Nightline – Meth Labs In The Heartland

This is a great multi-segment story so be sure and wait through the commercials and it will switch to another part of the meth story.

Meth Labs in America’s Heartland: ‘Nightline’ Investigates Rampant Meth Abuse in Kentucky

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Father Blames Oklahoma Legislature And Invites Them To Child’s Funeral

Ayden Ross Jennings
Donald Hogue was a proud father of Ayden Ross Jennings born August 16 2010 and died November 10th 2011 in a Tulsa Meth Lab explosion. Hogue says, I blame the Oklahoma Legislature, pseudoephedrine manufacturers and the Consumer Healthcare Products Associations ( CHPA ) equally responsible with the meth cook ( Jacob Bell ).
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McAlester Keeps Ordinance – City Attorney Disagrees With AG

August 10 2011 – McAlester City Attorney Disagrees with Oklahoma Attorney General and keeps ordinance in place! Click to read story

Police: Mother arrested after newborn goes into drug withdrawal

A baby boy born in July immediately started going through withdrawal, a police report reveals. The medical staff could barely feed him.

So on Aug. 30, Provo police arrested the boy’s transient mother, Teasha Ann Carlson, for producing a meth baby. She is being held on a second-degree child endangerment charge. Read more…

Holdenville Walmart Pseudoephedrine Heist

August 10, 2011
In a phone call today with Holdenville Police Chief Kieth Wardlow said that about 40 boxes of pseudoephedrine were taken in a break-in at the local Walmart pharmacy. It appears that someone made a hole right through the Lawn and Garden Center right where the boxes of pseudoephedrine were.

Holdenville was the first city in Oklahoma to pass a pseudoephedrine ordinance requiring a prescription for the dry tablets and I am sure this will turn out to be an inside job.

Walmart is the # 1 seller of pseudoephedrine in the U.S. and we could sure use them taking a lead role in requiring the pseudoephedrine manufacturers to use existing tamper-proof technology where pseudoephedrine cannot be converted to meth!

Okmulgee Keeps Ordinance In Spite Of AG Opinion

Okmulgee joins Wagoner in taking a stand against meth labs and keeps their ordinance in place. Click To Read Full Story

Wagoner Stand Its Ground Against AG Opinion & Meth Cooks

I am very proud of the city of Wagoner taking a stand against the meth cooks even after a adverse Attorney General Opinion. The recent AG opinion says that cities do not have a right to protect themselves against the meth cooks and all the bad that goes with it. The AG opinion comes at the same time the trial for the deaths of 3 Del City Oklahoma children. The children were burned to death in a meth related fire in February of 2011.

Click to Read Fox Story

Baby Burned in Meth Lab Explosion

Oklahoma Mom Smokes Meth While 3 Year Old Is Raped And Traded For Meth

Wake Up Oklahoma And Let’s Stop This!

Methed Out Mom Kills Baby In Washing Machine

3 Oklahoma Children Burned to Death

Okmulgee Passes Emergency Pseudoephedrine Ordinance

July 19 2011

With the help of a Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice and a great city attorney ( Mike Vanderburg ), Okmulgee became the 5th city to pass a dry tablet prescription ordinance. It was a unanimous vote and I felt like I had a cheering section with the people from OSU Center For Health Sciences holding signs up to the city council to pass this ordinance.

A lot of great contacts were made to move this along even faster and I have to say a big thank you to a great city council and everyone involved !

Below is Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice and my self David Starkey.
Okmulgee Chief Joe Pretice and David Starkey
Okmulgee County Consortium
Okmulgee County Consortium supports the law to require psuedoephdrine to require a prescription.

Pharmacies Volunteer For Prescriptions

Inola, Catoosa, Pryor

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McAlester OK 4th City To Pass Pseudoephedrine Ordinance

McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK
June 15, 2011
Prescription required
Motion passes that in order to purchase meth precursor drugs, buyer must have prescription.
By James Beaty, Senior Editor, McALESTER

McAlester is now the largest city in Oklahoma to make it illegal to sell ephedrine or pseudoephedrine without a prescription by a licensed physician or physician’s assistant. Click to Read Full Story

Choteau Becomes Oklahoma’s 3rd City To Pass Pseudoephedrine Ordinance

On June 13th Choteau became another city that got fed up with the meth labs and passed a ( dry tablet ) pseudoephedrine ordinance. The ordinance is the same as the other cities and there will be no restrictions on gel caps or liquids. Click to Read More

Wagoner Oklahoma Declares Emergency – Passes Pseudoephedrine Ordinance

Wagoner Oklahoma Declares Emergency - Passes Pseudoephedrine Ordinance
Picture from left to right – Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley, Oklahoma State Senator Kim David, Mayor James Jennings and me, David StarkeyWith a lot of hard work from Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley and Oklahoma State Senator Kim David addressing the city council saying she backed this ordinance, it passed with a unanimous vote. Oklahoma State Representative Wade Rousselot had also given me his full support for this passage to stop the meth epidemic that we have here in Oklahoma.It was a absolute pleasure working with everyone from Mayor, City Attorney and just the whole Wagoner City Council that gave a powerful message to the rest of Oklahoma that they are fed up with this meth epidemic and declared an emergency and signed this ordinance into law on June 6th 2011. Read the Full Story

Holdenville OK. Passes Pseudoephedrine Ordinance

It was pretty interesting to see my little idea of a city ordinance to restrict the sale of dry tablet pseudoephedrine become reality. It took a lot of work to get it to this point and it could not have happened without the help of Holdenville Police Chief Keith Wardlow , a great city council and couple of concerned citizens.

Holdenville Passes PSE
If you are a city police chief just call of e mail me for your free city council pack to stop the meth in your town.
Holdenville OrdinanceRead the Full Story

Cox Praises Holdenville Action Against Meth

State Rep. Supports Efforts

State Capital Letter Holdenville State Rep. Supports Gel Cap Ordinance Efforts

Oklahoma State Seal
Oklahoma House of Representatives
Media Division
May 16, 2011

Contact: State Rep. Doug Cox
Capitol: (405) 557-7415

Contact: State Rep. Doug Cox

OKLAHOMA CITY(May 16, 2011): State Rep. Doug Cox, one of only two doctors serving in the Oklahoma Legislature, today praised the city of Holdenville for passing an ordinance banning the sale of medicine with pseudoephedrine that is used to make methamphetamine.

“In my work as an emergency room physician, every shift I see something related to methamphetamine, whether it is a person who is addicted, a person who is injured by an explosion from making it, or foster kids who have been removed from the home due to parents’ methamphetamine use,” said Cox, R-Grove.

House Bill 1235, by state Rep. Ben Sherrer (D-Chouteau), would have instituted a similar policy in state law. The bill passed out of the House Public Safety Committee this year, but did not receive a vote on the House floor.

“Holdenville realizes that their actions will not affect sufferers from the common cold and allergies, that there are plenty of other forms of pseudoephedrine as well as other medications that will continue to be accessible for those uses,” Cox said. “I hope Holdenville’s actions will inspire state leaders to take similar action soon.”

City cracks down on meth, requiring allergy pill prescription

Ordinance Would Require Prescription For Certain Cold Medicines

High Cost Of Cleaning Up Meth

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10 Responses to “

Stop Meth Labs

  • Chief Keith Wardlow:

    I am the newly elected Chief Of Police for the City of Holdenville. I will be requesting the City Council adopts the City ordinance that Claremore has. I think starting a movement of this kind from a local level is a great idea. I will let you know the results from the Council Meeting on 05/03/2011.

  • Sheila:

    I agree with the support in stopping these pills from being sold without a prescription. My brother was killed by Mark Roberts who is facing 2 Felony murder charges and an attempted murder charge, Because he was making meth at the Royal Arms apartments in tulsa and it caught fire and exploded and killed 2 and one has been a vegetable since. If pseudo really helps then the gelcaps would work just as well or go to your Doctor if you are that sick and need it. There are too many innocent people being killed from this stupid drug, if you want to kill yourself go out in the country and do it where its just you and your da** Meth !!!

    • David Starkey:

      Sheila, I am very sorry for the loss of your brother and this is what I am trying to stop. Innocent people and children are being burnt to death by the meth heads next door or stupid parent that makes meth with kids in the house. I just returned from the Conway apartments where there was a meth fire yesterday morning. The owner let me in and I was allowed to post a flier on every door and the residents were really supportive of the ordinance.

      The ordinance is written and can be sent to any city in Oklahoma so contact your local chief of police and have him contact me for a free city council packet and I will send it out for free. It is up to all of us to take action and make this happen so spread the word on Facebook, friends, churches and lets stop the innocent dying in meth fires.

  • ceclia mitchell:

    I read the article about Holdenville, Mo., the baby put in the washer was 10 days old not 10 months. I think what you are doing is soooooo awsome, I only wish there wre more of you to work faster at cleaning up the cities of meth. Thanks for all you do!!!!!!

  • Charles Duhon:

    I am a 37 year veteran pharmacist– I very much support the idea of making all pseudo products prescription– the current law as it stands does not solve the problem– when it first took affect the very first and immediate thing we pharmacist began to see it that EVERYONE had red ID cards–( I realized immediately that here is a loop hole in the system) — I work as a floater for a large chain and EVERY store I work at regardless of where it is starts seeing meth-med traffic about an hour before closing time….. (we make up excuses that we are out, the warehouse shorted us,the state computer tracking system is down,– but many times this tends to make them angry)–the only real way to curtail this is to put all pseudo products on prescription- this will definitely have a greater effect on curtailing the abuse, I am certain……
    Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you with this project
    Charles Duhon
    918 230 9999

  • Mike:

    Ok, my brother works on the PD in a city in Kansas and I know the STUPID things these people will do to make this nasty stuff. My question is why is this not being pushed at a FEDERAL level as a law for ALL STATES. It seems to be a easy fix and would save millions of dollors that could be used elseware and make everyone safer. I would love to know how we can get this going at the Feds level.



  • Amanda:

    Hi I am a 24 year old Tulsan and I am just so appalled by these ad’s to keep the drugs on the counters I mean we have tried the limiting it hasn’t worked it’s time to do more. not only are people making meth and fires and neglecting their kids but they will leave the remains of meth labs just on the street that is so bad! I am all for the script it’s sad when Oklahoma is known for meth when we do have more to offer. I only hope an pray that this bill will be passed and it will help clean up our streets and make our state a safer place for generations to come!

  • Asthma Patient:

    WHY do you nanny state people always think you need to ban things, or make us have to go to a stubborn doctor who is afraid to write any kinds of drugs because of you nanny staters!!!!!??? LIQUID forms of the ephedrine and pseudoephidrine products would make it impossible for idiots to make poison with the medications! Nobody seems to know this, why don’t you focus on that????

  • Asthma Patient:

    Praise GOD! I now see on this page that some of you people ARE trying to make the PUBLIC SERVANTS aware of the liquid! Please make sure they make a liquid ephedrine too, I take it for Asthma and I suffer so without it. I do not want to take steroids, but if I have to depend on a stubborn doctor to write ephedrine instead of steroids, I will probably smother to death!!!!!

  • Misha:

    I understand that you want to curtail meth production, but I don’t understand how making pseudo a prescription drug will do this. You previously talked bout how thieves cut through a wall and made a drug heist and cleaned out an entire pharmacies supply. These supplies were kept in the back with the other prescriptions. If they did it before hey can do it gain.

    Instead of making lobbying o make it a prescription wouldn’t it be better to lobby for it o only be legal for pharmaceutical companies to only make gel cap pseudo pills?

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